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02. Artist of the Month

Aleksandra Kalinic

To me painting is a powerful way to grow inside, communicate, explore and be free. Through creative process I get to know myself and the world better, and strive to express emotion and beauty of the moment.

Painting old towns, houses, roofs, windows feels like special kind of traveling. In some quiet, unobtrusive way they hide so many different lives and destinies but also have a life in their own. I am inspired by charming places I have visited and by people I met there, performers, dancers and passers-by on the street. Dancers fascinate me with their passion for beauty of the movement and joy of performing.

Using playful palette I strive to create poetic work filled with life, tenderness and a dose of hidden nostalgia and childlike imagination. I want to create the place where everything is connected in some beautiful way.

Through my portraits I study emotions and personalities as well as my relationship with the person if I know them well. I realize how fragile life is and treasure every moment I have with people I love so I challenge myself to see how well I will be able to express my love for them through my paintings.

For me art is a fascinating journey, with always present thought about simultaneity of beauty and fragility of life. 

Painting of a woman sleeping
Painting of a girl with pigeons, in Venice.
Impressionist painting of a couple under sun umbrella.
Dancer - painting of a Flamenco Dancer by Aleksandra Kalinic

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