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02. Artist of the Month

Laila Jensen

I’m inspired by the outrageous yet casual beauty that is all around us all the time. Nature is very extravagant. Texture, form and especially line are elements I love to convey and distort. And exploring the secret life of trees is the perfect muse for me.
Mixed media is my artistic home. I usually create in layers, starting with washes, plasters, pastes and all kinds of paper – origami, textured fibre, tissue, etc. I have a huge collection of papers and rarely leave an art store without a new one. I also use metallic leaf, ink, ink pencils, pastes, gels, chalk pastels and charcoal. Each painting has its own story and back story. And through the layers emerge mystical and charming little surprises. I hope to entertain my viewers and collectors as much as I was entertained by the creation of the piece.

Abstract Painting of birches in white, black, orange and teal
Tall narrow abstract painting with copper leaf
Elegant abstracted tall narrow painting with gold leaf
Tall narrow abstracted mixed media painting in blues, greens reds and gold on white

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