Aquamaris Art Gallery

02. Artist of the Month

Artist Susie Cipolla in her studio

Susie Cipolla

The myriad techniques employed in my creative process are as varied as the themes that inspire me. While layering opaque paints and transparent glazes to create depth, my signature darks from the blend of my favourite transparent colours will frequently appear as the base. Keeping the palette relatively limited, I work with neutrals derived from the opposites on the colour wheel, balancing the values, temperature, shapes, forms and textures to create pieces that range from subtle monochromatic semi-abstract expressions to dynamic, purely abstract visual raptures of saturated colours.

Yellow, white, brown, blue and red abstract painting
Abstracted painting of a bird nest with three aggs
Abstracted contemporary painting of autumn trees
Large abstract painting with layers of darks and lights and striking mark, making

03. Events

Painting of autumn frost

A Morning With John Stuart Pryce – Artist In Residence

August 7 @ 10:00 am

It is our great honour to have with us our distinguished Canadian landscape artist, John Stuart Pryce, and provide the art lovers in the Cowichan Valley, the friends of our gallery and his enthusiastic followers with the opportunity to see him in his element, as he sets up to paint at the gallery the morning […]

Expressive coastal landscape by Gail Johnson

Colour Your Day & Meet Gail Johnson – Artist In Residence

August 28 @ 10:00 am

We are thrilled to be joined by our dynamic, bold-brush, award-winning artist Gail Johnson whose visually striking landscapes, West Coast scenes, poppy fields and still-life exude optimism and joy and captivate viewers through the symphony of warm, saturated  colours. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Gail spent her formative years in upstate New York with an avid […]