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02. Artist of the Month

Rose Tanner

Birds sing, dance, fight, fly, court, breed, claim territory, pair for life, play the field and fool around. They hold funerals, have socials, eat fermented berries and perform mating rituals that leave me baffled. Many people do not see birds because they are small and fleeting, but with my paintings I want the viewer to connect with the birds, to see into their eyes and realize there is much more than expected. I hope my work inspires people to spend time outdoors and find a reason to be in nature.

Painting of ravens
Yellow Warbler, bird painting, bird bath
Painting of Red Cardinal, Rose Tanner, Forest's Surprise, Oil on Linen, 14 x 11
Rose Tanner, Endangered, Oil on Linen, 20 x 16 (

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