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02. Artist of the Month

Award winning oil painter Christine Code

Christine Code

The ever changing nature and vast expanses of the "Land of the Living Skies" are commonly explored themes in my paintings. Working in oils, I enjoy the techniques of Impressionism and Tonalism as I aim to convey a particular mood or atmosphere in each piece, using varied brushwork and palette knife application to create interesting passages.

I regularly paint en plein air, taking my easel outdoors into the rolling hills and sprawling farmland. The knowledge gained through direct observation outdoors informs my larger paintings in the studio.

As an avid gardener and bird lover, I also derive much inspiration from my own back yard."

Impressionist painting of soft rain clouds over rolling hills in the palette of blue, white, greens and greys
Vertical oil painting of towering soft white clouds over wide open spaces.
Bright painting of shower clouds rolling across the field and hay bales
Orange sunset, mauve clouds light up the sky above vast green fields

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