Aquamaris Art Gallery

02. Artist of the Month

Jutta Kaiser

My work is purely intuitive - conceived from memory or mood, interpreted and expressed on canvas.

Following a dialogue between color and shape my theme slowly emerges.
A willingness to follow my impulses and being open to continuous revision enables me to express my creative imagination.

Mixed Media is the best way for me to realize my goal by embracing experimentation and using myriad materials to achieve a variety of texture. My palette consists mainly of warm colors including Acrylide Yellow, Alizarin Crimson and Paynes Grey. It is my layering technique of numerous washes that lends all the colors a greater sense of depth.

My work is not contentious. It is meant to elicit a “feel good” response in the viewer.

Abstracted coastal landscape in orange, yellow, teal, blue and black
Blue green landscape painting with clouds
Painting of cumulous clouds over water
Large abstract painting in teal, blue, red, white and ocher

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