Sally Chupick

Clean Energy

The direction of my work flows from the energy of an idea; most often an intangible thing like light, movement, spirit and vitality. I remain open to possibilities of unexpected excitement / mystery that may change the painting as I go along. Visual harmony is important to me, with an inclination towards subtle shifts of color. 

Born on the Atlantic Coast of Canada in Nova Scotia, Sally Chupick worked in fashion design in her early years. She left the rag trade behind; loving painting more. Sally began watercolour painting in England some 30 plus years ago and studied oil painting and art history in Australia 20 years ago.  She now lives on Canada’s West Coast in Victoria, British Columbia.

Sally’s art creation is rooted in traditional representation methods and it evolves while exploring new directions in the process of application.  Her current medium is a combination of traditional oils and oil-sticks which she uses to sublime effects whether painting en plain air or in her studio.