Christine Code

Chasing the Rain

Award winning oil painter Christine Code

The ever changing nature and vast expanses of the "Land of the Living Skies" are commonly explored themes in my paintings. Working in oils, I enjoy the techniques of Impressionism and Tonalism as I aim to convey a particular mood or atmosphere in each piece, using varied brushwork and palette knife application to create interesting passages.

I regularly paint en plein air, taking my easel outdoors into the rolling hills and sprawling farmland. The knowledge gained through direct observation outdoors informs my larger paintings in the studio.

As an avid gardener and bird lover, I also derive much inspiration from my own back yard."

Drawing inspiration from the wide open spaces of rural Saskatchewan, her home in  the “Land of the Living Skies”, award-winning Canadian artist Christine Code is an eminent creator of sublime works of art in oil. As an avid plein-air painter endlessly intrigued by the pastoral beauty of grasslands and farmlands, rolling hills, ever-changing cloudscapes, gradations of colours and awe-inspiring spectacles of light in the sky,  she distills the essence of all the elements in confident palette knife techniques as well as gestural, textured or feathered brushwork often applied “alla prima” (in a single sitting).

Dedicated to honing her skills by painting from life throughout the seasons and imprinting on her mind’s eye the subtleties of each locale and subject matter, Christine Code considers the painted imagery derived from direct observations to be of supreme value when referencing the same in the process of creating her larger studio works.

Moody, atmospheric, with a genuine sense of time and place, these eloquently painted odes to the “Land of the Living Skies”  are more than poetic visual expressions of the artist’s love for her prairie home –  they read as evocative metaphoric embodiments of a broad range of universal human emotions,  securing the artist’s place of distinction on Canadian, North American and international arts scene,  garnering acclaim, admiration and appreciation by collectors from all over the world.

Christine’s work has been juried into several national and international exhibitions. She has won numerous awards through the Federation of Canadian Artists, National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society, Oil Painters of America, Modern Impressionist Salon and the PleinAir Salon. Her work has been featured in PleinAir Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Modern Impressionist Magazine, and the cover of Art Avenue Magazine.

Christine Code’s painting “Chasing the Rain” won the “Best Clouds & Sky” award in the PleinAir Magazine Competition for May 2024, while “Peachy” was was one of the finalists.

In July 2024, “Chasing the Rain” also won 1st Place in Modern Impressionist Magazine competition –  a truly great and well deserved honour.

Christine has work held in private collections in Canada, the United States, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Italy, and the Untied Kingdom.