Caden Fiddler

Beauty In Water

Graphite Pencil Artist

Creating artwork with my own two hands, with just a few tools, has given me a sense of satisfaction that is irreplaceable.

Starting from nothing but sketches, I gradually found myself creating realistic black and white drawings of animals, people and of flowers as a way to express my love for nature. The more I challenged myself, the more my art began to resonate with others.

My passion for realism compels me to continuously push the boundaries, artistically and technically, as I strive to capture the quality of light and embrace the complexities of my chosen subject matter, how-so-ever-demanding. I'm humbled by the way viewers would question whether it's a black and white photograph or a work of art done by human hand, until they get up close and discover they are looking at a pencil drawing. The power of this art-form to challenge perceptions acts as a tremendous inspirational force behind my realistic style.

Born in 1997 and growing up in Victoria, British Columbia, artist Caden Fiddler’s childhood and early teens were defined by school and playing sports.  He graduated from Esquimalt High in 2015 , and is recent graduate from Pacific Rim College – Holistic nutrition program.

Yet, what began in mid-teens as something fun to pass time, soon developed into his truest passion.

As a self-actualized artist, with ongoing passion for hyperrealistic style and a significant focus on wildlife along with human subjects, Caden creates exquisite drawings using his favourite medium: charcoal, graphite and carbon on paper.

His ability to produce compelling works extend beyond his exceptional drawings. In recent years, Caden has hand crafted from premium materials all of the complementing wooden frames used to display his pieces.

By producing short time-lapse videos of his drawing process and uploading them to his Youtube channel, he further delights his growing fan and collector base at home and abroad.

Although only 25 years old, Caden Fiddler has already carved out a presence on the regional art scene, having been juried into major regional art shows, and honoured with “People’s Choice Award” in Sooke Fine Art Show and Campbell River’s Winter Wonderland Show in 2018, followed by “Best Work On Paper” and “Peoples Choice Award” at the Sidney Fine Arts Show in 2019. In April 2021 he was also a featured guest artist for the Federation of Canadian Artists.