Kristina Boardman


I am endlessly intrigued with painting stones - the varied color, texture and beautiful markings. I am often holding them as I paint, and they give me a feeling of peace and tranquility. I create a simple line drawing as a place to begin on the canvas, with the composition coming from my imagination. I then use the actual stones as reference for shape and tone and interesting features. It is my own version of what I see along Canada’s beautiful coastlines.

Born in Lancashire, England, Kristina emigrated to Canada as a young girl. Her family settled in Alberta where they lived for several years. One summer during a family holiday on the West Coast, Kristina’s parents fell in love with Victoria and the family moved the following year. Growing up surrounded by beaches and lakes and having family picnics at Esquimalt Lagoon on Victoria’s west shore was the beginning of many walks along the beach, collecting pebbles.

After graduating from high school Kristina returned to Alberta and later attended the Alberta College of Art and Design where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in both drawing and painting. Then the pull of the west coast brought her back to Victoria, where she lives to this day. In the following years there have been many walks on the beach with her own family, each of them with heavy pockets full of special stones.

Kristina Boardman is a Senior Signature Member (SFCA) of Federation of Canadian Artists who is represented by galleries across Canada and in the United States. In recently years a significant portion of her art are commissioned pieces and Kristina derives much pleasure form working with patrons on creating a special painting that is just right for their home.

Kristina’s latest large-scale works or art depict colorful marbles and ribbons on understated backgrounds inviting the viewer to focus on the playful and dynamic interactions of light, shape and form and delivering some of the best of contemporary hyper-realism.