Sue A. Miller


Canadian Artist Sue A. Miller

My paintings beckon a return to the forgotten memory of our origins and to what collectively binds all living species. These ecologies - the forests, wetlands, and waterways give me a sense of awe and provide me with solace, grounding me to a web of interconnected spaces whose beauty and complexity I find endlessly fascinating. Painting provides me with a natural, quiet language to convey this profound connection.

I am driven to spur an intimate connection between the art and the viewer, hoping to ignite a direction towards positive environmental change. My work continues to be a process of psycho-geography, an investment of the self into our natural surroundings, which ultimately includes the viewer.

Growing up in rural Ontario, Canada, Sue A. Miller spent most of her time exploring her natural surroundings, keenly tuned into the wonder of the often overlooked magic and interconnected web between humanity and environment. Inspired by the shorelines of Georgian Bay and rugged coastlines of Newfoundland, her paintings are a personal voyage into an internal perception of landscape that expresses a primal connection to land and water, along with a sense of calm, comfortable solitude. Her journey is motivated by the abstracted interplay of environment and metaphors of human existence. Whether from a source or more often through her persistent sense of visual memory, her work evolves intuitively, informed by a collective imprint of landscape that has influenced her life since early childhood.

Sue’s love of art takes on may forms. Having studied Fine Art and graduated from Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario in 1986, she established a steady foothold in the Canadian art scene through a variety of roles, from that of an artist and art educator to a curator. In addition to owning and operating The Bay School of Art, her extensive teaching experience includes on-location classes with First Nations in Newfoundland/Labrador and Nova Scotia, programming workshops for Autism Ontario and facilitating arts retreats in Newfoundland. Sue is a founding member of the Creemore Arts Centre from 2004 – 2009 and a long time member of the summer faculty at Sir Stanford Fleming College, Haliburton Campus.

As a professional Canadian artist dedicated to her art practice for over 30 years, Sue A. Miller works from her studio in Creemore, Ontario and divides her creative time between Ontario and Newfoundland, where she directs her focus to more northern climes and the cryospheric changes rapidly occurring.   

Along with her solo exhibitions held in private and public galleries in Ontario and Newfoundland, Sue has participated in several national and international group exhibitions, including an immersive installation inspired by the ecosystem of Georgian Bay , incorporating painting, sculpture and sound.   

Sue A. Miller is represented by art galleries in Ontario and British Columbia and her work is held in private collections across North America, Europe and Japan.