Martin Pryce

Breezy Flowers

Artist Martin Pryce

Nature inspires and influences my work—from serene landscapes to abstract expressions. Its diversity fuels my creativity, leading to a collection that captures its essence. Each drawing and painting reflects my encounters with nature's beauty, power and awe.

Art embodies my life's philosophy, echoing Robert Frost's words: “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” My art balances nature's call with the artist's journey, each piece marking progress on this path. It's an expression of commitment to art, nature, and inner exploration.

My art journey is a continuous quest. I aim to engage viewers deeply, inviting them into a journey of discovery. Each painting represents a commitment to exploring new territories in art, nature, and within, honouring the promises made to my creative spirit.

Born in 1951 in Birmingham, England, and now based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, artist Martin Pryce has charted a distinguished career spanning over 50 years. Pryce began his artistic journey with traditional illustrations, gradually transitioning to semi-abstract and contemporary styles. Today, he is acclaimed for his vibrant landscapes and florals, crafted primarily in acrylics. His work is characterized by a unique style that features bold compositions and an innovative use of colour and light, establishing him as a prominent figure in contemporary painting.

With decades of experience, he approaches new canvases with innovation and confidence. This mix is crucial, diving into each piece’s essence as the canvas reveals its personality through the artist’s mood and awakening – the interaction that mirrors his journey as he engages with the changing landscapes of his internal and external worlds.

Pryce’s oeuvre is predominantly focused on landscapes and florals, mediums through which he seeks to evoke emotion and celebrate the intrinsic beauty of nature. His approach is marked by a signature design style and an exceptional ability to manipulate colour and light to elicit feelings of enthusiasm and awe among viewers. Throughout his career, Pryce has undertaken numerous projects and series that highlight his evolution as an artist and his commitment to engaging his audience on an emotional level, fostering a deeper appreciation for the splendour of the natural world.

Over the years, Martin Pryce has participated in a multitude of exhibitions, both solo and group, extending his influence across Canada and internationally. His artistic endeavours have been recognized with a variety of awards, including First Place, Honourable Mention, Best in Show, and the Winners Circle Award. Pryce’s contributions to the arts have made his works a prized addition to both private and public collections, ensuring his lasting impact on the contemporary art scene. Through his masterful landscapes and florals, Pryce continues to inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for nature, securing his place in the annals of contemporary art.