Dale Byhre

Pacific Dream

From rocky shorelines and the working boats along the West Coast, to the fighting ships of the World War II, my strong appreciation for both ships and the sea compels me to depict them with accuracy and reverence.

Born and raised in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Dale Byhre has always had a strong affinity with the landscape, the rivers and the ocean that borders that Pacific province.  Art has always been important to Dale and combining his passion for painting with his love of history and ships gave rise to him becoming a marine artist.  In recent years Dale has worked to realize his dream of becoming a full time artist.  In that time he has achieved Signature Status with both the American Society of Marine Artists and the Canadian Society of Marine Artists.  In 2020, after three years as a member, Dale was granted Senior Signature status in the Federation of Canadian Artists, (SFCA), which recognizes individual member artists for the highest level of achievement in both technical skill, quality of their work and for finding their unique artistic voice.  Whether a battleship in action during a critical moment in history or fishing docks on a peaceful morning, Dale Byhre’s paintings are masterful re-creations of a time and place based on long hours of research and study.  His limited edition prints and original marine art have become highly sought after by both ship lovers and naval veterans and his naval art can be found in a number of collections, including the US Naval Academy, as well as being reproduced in the US Naval Institute History magazine.
More recently, Dale has found a renewed appreciation for the landscape and shorelines of British Columbia.  His paintings have found their way into numerous collections at home and abroad, as admirers recognize his bold imagery and his ability to capture the ever-changing atmosphere and light of the West Coast. Whether it’s a ship on an open sea or a placid harbour, a pastoral scene or a mountain stream, the spectacle of a sunset or vignettes of a bustling city, Dale’s landscapes and seascapes draw the viewer into a very special moment in time captured on his canvases with painterly brushstrokes.
Dale Byhre lives in Cloverdale British Columbia with his wife Susan.