Lisa Riehl


I have always been Inspired by Nature. I love to simplify what I’m seeing and translate it into the feeling of being outside with nothing between me and nature, or the feeling of tranquility and vibrancy that is all around me. Nature’s beauty is all around us to see, touch and hear. It has a way of affecting our moods and it can help us to change our way of thinking for the better, from negative to positive. I believe that being exposed to Nature’s beauty can have a positive effect on our lives, in the way we look at things and the way we feel about ourselves. Perhaps my paintings can help bring this feeling of wonder and peace to others.

Each painting I create feels like a poem that is made visible. I can’t just give them boring names - they deserve so much more! So I title each painting with a phrase that, at least to me, evokes incredible meaning in my heart.

Lisa Riehl, an artist from Victoria, finds no shortage of inspiration for her West Coast style landscapes – her vibrant paintings reflect her love of the beautiful scenes that surround her. She is always out with her camera and sketch book, gathering ideas for paintings at the beach, in the forest or the mountains. She then uses those references for her brightly coloured landscapes.

Lisa has been seriously painting since 2004. She is self-taught, but has learned much from the numerous workshops she has participated in. Instructors such as Brent Lynch, Mike Svob, Janice Robertson, David Langevin, Stephen Quiller, Mark Haine and Brian Buckrell (to name just a few) have helped contribute to her unique style. She became an Associate member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA) in 2011 and has been in many juried shows, including FCA Shows (Both in Vancouver and Victoria), the Sidney Fine Arts Show and the Sooke Fine Arts Show. Lisa has also been invited to be a jury member for select art shows.