John Stuart Pryce

Cove Dreamscape

John Stuart Pryce, Artist

I appreciate all forms of art whether decorative, non-objective or representational, but I prefer using my artistic skills to bring an awareness of the beauty that surrounds us and the environment that we take for granted. The purest and most rewarding form of painting, in my opinion, is "en plein air" as it challenges all of the skills and discipline of the artist. Each painting has a unique story and message and I strive to share that experience as eloquently and creatively as possible.

My goal is to share with others what my eyes see, my heart feels and my soul yearns to understand.

John’s life-long love of art solidified his educational and professional directions, from becoming an art major at the highly acclaimed H.B. Beal Tech. in London, Ontario, working and studying in Montreal, Chicago and Toronto, to a successful 35 year long career as an architectural illustrator whose renderings were used in projects around the world. Today, John Stuart Pryce is recognized as one of the foremost Canadian landscape painters. His seemingly loose yet eloquent technique is the result of years of experience in the disciplines of drawing, color and composition. John currently resides in Victoria and divides his time between painting and sharing his artistic knowledge with others through his highly sought-after painting workshops. John is an Honorary Signature Member of International Plein Air Painters Organization Worldwide and the Signature Member of Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA)