Rose Tanner

The Thinker

Birds sing, dance, fight, fly, court, breed, claim territory, pair for life, play the field and fool around. They hold funerals, have socials, eat fermented berries and perform mating rituals that leave me baffled. Many people do not see birds because they are small and fleeting, but with my paintings I want the viewer to connect with the birds, to see into their eyes and realize there is much more than expected. I hope my work inspires people to spend time outdoors and find a reason to be in nature.

Rose Tanner is an award winning artist who loves the outdoors and studying birds. She is dedicated to portraying birds using traditional oil painting techniques, travels widely for her subjects and is active in supporting endangered spiecies and their habitat.
In her latest series, she combines with riveting results her fascination with clouds and her love of birds. Placing her favourite subjects within the context of a broader landscape has allowed her to frame the narratives of long migrations and share in visually sublime ways the universal stories of the circle of life.
Rose is represented in the US and Canada and has garnered awards in juried shows and exhibitions across North America. She is a signature member of The Canadian Federation of Artists (AFCA) and volunteers on the FCA Victoria Chapter Executive Board. Rose studied illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and oil painting with a number of contemporary master painters. Along with actively creating, Rose enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge of classical oil painting with others.